10 December 2007


Has Councillor Arnold Bohana just made himself Public Enemy No 1?

The season of good will is upon us all - all except for Caernarfon Town Football Club that is! In last Tuesday's Town Council meeting an application was made for a donation to the town's main football club. Town councils from all over the UK give generous donations to their own town teams as they realise the strain little teams are under.

To their credit the Caernarfon Town Council recently gave a donation to our local side which went towards the cost of upgrading the floodlights at the Oval. This was an extra cost put upon the side because of the Welsh FA/Fifa regulations. It was decided by CTFC that to help the club move forward this season, another application was not unreasonable.

The finance committee of the Town Council recommended that the application should be turned down and Councillor Huw Edwards fought the corner for the team and asked if this decision could be looked at again and this was supported by Councillor Roy Owen. Both councillors felt that it was unreasonable for the Town Council to refuse such a request as the council was there to help such bodies.

Councillor Arnold Bohana wanted to reject their proposal hands down and specifically asked for the Town Clerk to minute that he was against the council reconsidering the application in April.

Officials and supporters were shocked to hear that Councillor Bohana was so strongly against the request made by Councillor Edwards and to go even further and demanded that it recorded on the minutes as such.

Donated by CTFC

Astonishingly, earlier this year the Town Council held a football tournament at the Oval (in respect of their involvement with the Walled Town Friendship Circle). The organiser of the event was none other than Councillor Arnold Bohana!
CTFC Chairman Mr George Denham confirmed that the use of the pitch and facilities were given to the council FREE OF CHARGE.

We spoke with Mr Jimmy Edwards who has been involved with Caernarfon Town Football Club for many years and he told us he was shocked by the actions of Mr. Bohana. He said, "I can't understand why Councillor Bohana would do this, the local team needs support from all sectors including the council and businesses alike".

Councillor Huw Edwards told us "I am fuming that I had to stand up and fight the corner for such a reasonable application. The council is there to support such matters and to say I am very disappointed with the remarks made by Arnold is an understatement. I am however, very pleased that Councilor Roy Owen backed me up in this matter."

Councillor Roy Owen told us "It is very disappointing that it has come to this and I am pleased that we at least got the council to look at the application in April. The town council is there to help local activities and groups and I for one am very disappointed with the fact that Arnold wanted it minuted that he was against Huw's proposal."

Katherine Owen Town Clerk told us "The application has not been refused, it was only the recommendation of the finance and staff panel. The outcome on Tuesday 4th Dc 07 was for the application to be re-considered in April when the Finance Panel will next be looking at applications. I can confirm that Councllor Bohana asked for his rejection to be minuted and it has. He was concerned that there were other teams in town".

Arnold Bohana is a Peblig Councillor but lives on the Seiont Ward, which is only a foot step from the Oval. We asked people from both wards what they thought of Councillor Bohana's actions. Not one backed him and many told us that because of this they would not be voting for him in next years elections. Supporters of CTFC were very angry to hear the news.

Arnold Bohana is on the Finance Panel which will look a the application in April, he was recently replaced as treasurer of Segontium Rovers JFC.




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