13 December 2007


Around 600 protesters marched on to Gwynedd Council offices in Caernarfon today

Angry parents, teachers, governors concerned residents and children held a large march and demonstration in Caernarfon today which saw them start by the old fountain in Pool street and take them round the castle before a stand off outside Gwynedd Council offices.

 See the demonstration here

Councillors in Gwynedd voted in favour of plans to reorganise primary education in the county. A consultation on closing a total of twenty-nine schools including federalising others under one head teacher will go ahead. The vote was backed 43 to 22. The official line by Gwynedd council was that closures were unavoidable due to a big drop in school numbers, with some schools having less than ten students. Gwynedd wants to build eight new schools to compensate the loss of 29.


Over the last few weeks, councillors have been bombarded with letters and emails begging them to rethink before the next election. Dafydd Iwan in particular was met with a barrage of abuse upon arrival.

The noise outside was deafening as children and adults alike blew whistles and chanted throughout.



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