12 July 2007

More complaints for the Town council

A few weeks ago Caernarfon Online (followed by the local press) reported on complaints made by Teulu Cadnant about the Town Council charging the elderly group for using a room at the Institute with an extra 4 charge made for the use of the "kitchen" i.e.. tea making facilities. See previous article

This week another group has written to the council to complain about the 4 charge.

Mrs Ann Griffiths Secretary of the Arfon Women's Institute wrote to the Town Clerk (at the request of the organisation's 22 members).

In a polite letter the group said they appreciated that costs will inevitably rise but at the same time regarded the charge of 4 as 'unreasonable' as they used their own crockery and only used the facility to make a few cups of tea or coffee.

They went on to ask if a reasonable reduction could be made in this instance.

The council's Mission statement includes the following line

"To promote and encourage those services and activities that help to inspire and maintain a sense of community and civic pride in the Royal Town of Caernarfon."

COL Editor:"The Women's Institute certainly gives a feeling of civic pride and good community spirit, let's hope the council sees sense and drops this ludicrous and un-necessary charge".

The letter has been placed on the next agenda for discussion by the town councilors. We will obviously keep you posted on the outcome.



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