6 July 2007

What a Mess! - Golwg!

A big split in the Caernarfon Plaid Cymru camp.

Former Mayor of Caernarfon Richard Morris Jones has received an incredible snub by Plaid Cymru in Caernarfon. On Monday night Plaid chose their candidates for next years local elections. A surprised Richard Morris Jones lost the vote to former Gwynedd Councillor Ioan Thomas for the right to represent Plaid Cymru on the Menai Ward, this was despite Ioan losing his seat on the Council in 2004 due to reductions in seats.

Councillor Richard Morris Jones has served on Gwynedd Council for nearly 20 years and is said to be considering his future in local politics. He will have to consider whether he is still going to stand for the seat  as an Independent candidate against Ioan and Plaid Cymru.

Councillor Jones' dilemma was given an airing on Radio Cymru this morning and is featured in the Welsh Magazine 'Golwg' (July 5th edition).

The Welsh magazines article was written by Sian Evans clearly show's his displeasure as he states "Mae nhw wedi C*chu ar fy mhen" ("they (plaid) have sh*t on me") There seems no way back for Councilor Jones after a statement like this and his only avenue will be to join another party or try as an Independent.

The repercussions of this could be catastrophic for him, as only recently Councillor Jones was voted Deputy Mayor of Caernarfon. It will be interesting to see if he is elected as the next Mayor by the other councillors if he isn't a Plaid Cymru member (There are seven Plaid Cymru councillors on the town council including himself and Ioan).

Golwg Magazine talked with some of Councillor Jones' colleagues and they explained that he was unhappy with the recent decision to form a coalition with Labour.

Plaid are taking a big risk in nominating Town councillor Ioan Thomas (a Caernarfon business owner) as he lost an election on the Seiont ward 2004 when he came third therefore he is not guaranteed to do well this time round either.

It was stated that as Ioan lived on the ward and as Moi (Richard is known locally) had recently moved to another ward in Caernarfon, Ioan would have a better chance to win the seat. Moi stated that there were plenty of Gwynedd Councillors who didn't live on the wards themselves and this should not be an issue.

The Menai Ward covers Bethel Road down to Twthill and also includes North Road and Cae Gwyn. Caernarfon Online recently showed problems of binge drinking and drug taking on the ward and received complaints about vandalism and drinking on Ben Twthill, locals also complained that they never saw their local councillors on the street except at election time.

Ioan may have won the first round but something tells us there may be a twist in this tale yet.

The long and the short of it is that Ioan and Moi may be opponents next year, here they are in happier times




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