14 June 2007

Caernarfon Veteran's Day Parade

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The Veterans Day Service was held at Cei Mawr and Led by the Rev (Sqn Ldr) P Tollerson Station Chaplain, REF Valley.

The music was provided by The Band of HM Royal Marines, Plymouth and
directed by Major A.P. Thornhill MMus, LRSM, RM

The Parade  marched down Castle Street and Market street and began with an Opening Prayer of Thanksgiving. Readings were given from John 15, Verses 9 - 17 and a prayer for the Queen and Royal Family, a prayer for peace in the world and the Lords Prayer.


The Service was ended with the Retrieve of the Standards and Drums before the United Kingdom National Anthem and the National Anthem for Wales.


The march then took the parade back up Market Street, Castle Street turning right at Pendeitch and ending at Slate Quay.

A very dramatic appearance by a DC3 Dakota was well received by the audience as it flew low over the castle.


The event was organised as part of the national celebrations to raise awareness of veterans, no matter when or where they served, and their contribution both during their time in the armed forces, and to the communities of which they are now part. It was designed for all the family, young and old, and there was military information stands and displays to view with an opportunity to relax with comrades and friends throughout the day.




A beautiful summers day was marred by bad organisation which prevented many form experiencing the day to the full. Police were asked where they should go and what was happening. Traffic was chaotic as vehicles including coaches were turned away from entering Slate Quay causing problems as coach drivers had to manouvre their vehicles to other another drop off point.

The main concern that people waited patiently by Bell Tower in Hole in the Wall street, (Bell tower has ALWAYS been in Hole in the Wall Street and there is a cafe by the same name situated there. People were frantically asking police and even the tourist information service where the service was beingheld as many had traveled from all over North Wales to be here.

The event was held at Cei Mawr and not 'Bell Tower' as advertised

The service was actually held by St Mary's Church Bell tower close to Victoria Dock. This was a great shame, taking into consideration that many of the crowds were elderly or veterans themselves. Which raises the question why it was not all help at Slate Quay to salve people having to walk so much with many of them in wheelchairs.

One passer by stopped me to ask who I was covering the story for. When I told him, he was eager to state that the event was "very good but poorly organised." He specifically asked if we'd use his words.

Perhaps in future it would be better to hold ceremonies like this on the Maes or Slate Quay.

More Fantastic photos here

Beating the Retreat ceremony was held at Slate Quay 7pm.

(Beating the retreat photos here soon.)




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