8 June 2007

Following Wednesday night's Gwynedd Planning meeting - we asked the council what was the outcome of the 'big wheel' application.

A Gwynedd Council spokesperson said:

“Members of Gwynedd Council’s Arfon Area Committee supported the recommendation to grant permission for the ‘Big Wheel’ to be located on the Maes, Caernarfon for 7 weeks during July and August 2007 subject to the following conditions.

“These conditions agreed by the committee include:

*   That a fee of up to £2,000 be paid to the Council as compensation;

*   To enable stalls to use the service road in front of shops i.e.  Macsen/Morgan Lloyd, etc. Cyffro Caernarfon will ensure that no shops or businesses put any street furniture out in front of their premise, thus enabling the pavement to be used as an emergency roadway. (During the meeting, the Licensing Manager made it clear that although Cyffro Caernarfon had no legal powers, they had volunteered to liaise with the various businesses fronting the service road on Y Maes to ensure that these would be kept clear for the emergency services.)

*   That the service roadway bollards are kept up during market days, thus preventing vehicles from using the road, other that the access for emergency services;

*   That the Wheel is located in such a way that entry onto it is from the other side to that which existed last year;

*   That free parking is provided by Cyffro Caernarfon for the vehicles of traders (Cyffro offered this provision);

*   That the Wheel operators conform to any conditions proposed by the Gwynedd Events Safety Advisory Group, which composes of the Council’s Highways section, North Wales Police, North Wales Fire Service and North Wales Ambulance, amongst others;

*   That the Council’s Building Regulations section have copies of all relevant documentation and of the risk assessment;

*   That the Council’s Highways section carry out a condition survey prior to the event and that Cyffro agree to make good or pay for any damage caused by the Wheel;

*   So that market stalls can be relocated at the bottom of Pool Street and near the Cenotaph, arrangements are made with the Highways section to control traffic using Pool Street;

*   That the Wheel closes at 7.00 p.m. every evening;

*   That 24 hour security is provided at the Wheel to prevent any unauthorised activities whilst the Wheel is not in operation.”

It is unclear if the Market Traders will continue to come to Caernarfon during the weeks of the Wheel. Let's hope that if they do decide to stay away, then they return and still use the Maes in the long term. Losing our Saturday Market will certainly be the death of the town.




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