5 May 2007

Caernarfon Online on the pulse!

Hands up - we weren't exactly right but we weren't far off now were we?

The graph above shows the actual figures for the election.

Caernarfon Online opinion poll showed

Caernarfon Online Opinion Poll 2007

Alun Ffred Jones 43.6%
Martin Ealgestone 30.09%
Mel Ap Owain 12.96%
Gery Frobisher 11.24%
Elwuyn Williams UKIP 2.02%

Astonishingly Labour's Martin Eaglestone did worse than we predicted and this should surely mark the end of his career before it began, having lost on three previous occasions! See results below. This time round he only received half the Plaid vote!

The result should certainly raise serious issues within the Labour movement (or lack of it in Arfon).
Last year Caernarfon Online had cause to send a solicitors letter to Martin Eaglestone's agent Councillor Tecwyn Thomas and his ally Councillor Arnold Bohana who had ridiculed the work we did for the Town Council claiming that they had received complaints from all "over the world" about the council minutes which we updated online. Caernarfon Online challenged the accusations with legal proof that no outside visitors had visited the relevant part of the site, despite this, the Town Council refused to discuss the matter stating that it was a 'private matter' and they chose not to get involved. (This was despite the fact that the accusation was discussed in an official council meeting and was also included in their minutes).
This was the time where Caernarfon Online lost faith in the Town Council.

We approached Mr Eaglestone to see if he could intervene, but he replied that "since a solicitor had got involved" he would not take part in the dispute. Caernarfon Online found the response by the councilors, the council and (more importantly) Mr Eaglestone very disappointing. However, (around the same time) Mr Eaglestone chose to involve himslef in a lesser issue (that did not concern him). During the "Town Council Buffet incident" Mr Eaglestone wrote to the local press with concerns (whilst being a member of another community council). Perhaps his intrest in Caernarfon issues would have been better focused on Labour's (town councillors) actions?

It seems that what "goes around comes around" and the public have spoken with what they think about the local Labour group.

We would however still appreciate a response to our solicitor letter from both Tecwyn Thomas and Arnold Bohana - but we won't hold our breath.
We had thought about divulging this information before the election, but we chose not to, as this would only make us stoop to the same level.

Let's hope the town sees fit to treat the two Labour councillors in question with the same disregard at the next election.

Here are the results of previous elections, we leave it to you to make your own minds on what is amiss....
The lowest Labour vote in recent times!

2005 General Election

Hywel Williams, Plaid Cymru 12,747 45.5
Martin Eaglestone, Labour 7,538 26.9
Melfyn ab Owain, Liberal Democrat 3,508 12.5
Guy Opperman, Conservative 3,483 12.4
Elwyn Williams, UKIP 723 2.6

2001 General Election

Hywel Williams, Plaid Cymru 12,894 44.4
Martin Eaglestone, Labour 9,383 32.3
Bronwen Naish, Conservative 4,403 15.2
Mel ab Owain, Liberal Democrat 1,823 6.3
Ifor Lloyd, UKIP 550 1.9

Assembly Election 2003

Alun Ffred Jones
Martin Eaglestone
Goronwy Edwards
Stephen Churchman

As you can see, it's time for Labour to have a major rethink in Arfon!




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