23 May 2007

Judged by UPS and Theo Paphitis of TV's Dragon's Den
Caernarfon Online Free Radio Campaign Winner!


The country's leading delivery service UPS in collaboration with Champion 103 FM have been on the hunt for a local business that delivers more for the community. And now, thanks to UPS, they've got a winner...

Together with BBC Dragon's Den star, Theo Paphitis they read through all the entries looking for the most deserving local business. And congratulates Caernarfon Online as the winner:

Caernarfon Online
"Our group of websites provide up to the minute information on issues affecting Caernarfon and the surrounding area. For a paltry fee we enable businesses to have a web presence and deliver an Internet service that's second to none!"

Thanks to UPS, they've won a specially made radio campaign starting 28th May.

UPS brings global expertise to a local level, and can empower your business to deliver more. UPS offers morning deliveries to the UK and Europe from more countries worldwide than anyone else in the industry.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Listen out for the winning radio ad soon.

Gareth Edwards the website's editor is delighted with the win and said "To win this award is incredible and proves Caernarfon Online is forefront in the technology that puts businesses first. To be judged by none other than Theo Paphitis of the Dragon's Den and a large business like UPS is an honour in itself, but to win it...for once I am lost for words!

Gwynedd Councillor Roy Owen a former Royal Town Mayor said, "This is a fabulous achievement for the work this website does and goes some way in proving what I have always said, that we are very lucky to have such an incredible website here in Caernarfon. Once I stepped down as being Mayor for the town, I saw the website as a brilliant marketing tool and the voice of our locals. I am very proud to be a part of this by contributing my time to help out. The Internet is indeed the way forward and becoming the first port of call for most of us in obtaining news. I check up on COL every day (as do many others) to see what's happening in our town."




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