30 November 2007



This is the view ex mayor Ioan Thomas will get from Cofi Roc

Oi Mr Scrooge our bleedin' Christmas tree is on a building site!

We received no fewer than five phone calls this afternoon complaining about the location of this years Christmas tree.

We thought locals were having us on when they told us it was being erected bang in the middle of the building site on the Maes!

But on inspection we found it to be true!!!

Sharon Williams of Caernarfon told us " It's incredible! They have actually erected the thing on the building site! Whoever thought of this should be institutionalized. We will once again be the laughing sock of the area. It would have been better placed at Turf Square as there is plenty of room there and the councillors could see it from the Institute building during meetings."

(We can only  guess there was no pun intended about being 'institut'ionalized?)

Dafydd Iwan will get a slightly better view from his shop Na Nog (only just)

We are not sure who has decided to make the town a laughing stock once more, but the 'Town Council funded' tree sits proudly  behind builders huts and rubble.  

Good will to all men I suppose, so we won't blame the town council for the latest disaster...... and realistically it may lead to a happy work force as the Mulciar boys will certainly have some Christmas cheer as the carry out the improvements! (So long as Health and Safety measures will allow the running electric lights over their work place that is.)

It looks like its going to be a fun Christmas this year already!




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