11 February 2008


Cofi Loc?

Caernarfon Online joined forces with Gweledigaeth Video productions to ask the people of Caernarfon what they thought of the new Jail penciled in for Caernarfon. The online vote is (as we upload this article) standing at 80% against the prison coming to Caernarfon. On the Maes yesterday the feeling was 50 - 50.

The video was shot totally at random in both Welsh and English and opinions differ in both videos. It is now up to you the general public to make up your minds on whether it is a good or bad thing for Caernarfon. Have your vote (online) or leave a comment on our Blog page. Either way, please remain from offensive language (as it will not be published). By all means have your say if it's for or against.

Strong words so far in response to the Prison Blog. Check it out here

Owain Llyr who owns Gweledigaeth has been totally non committal in the prison issue whilst Gareth Edwards of CaernarfonOnline has shown some concern about questions which at the moment remain unanswered on his Blog page. Neither has shown bias towards the making of the video and participants were chosen at random to talk. We chose not to pick local politicians who may have had something to say and we make no apologies for this.

Perhaps we can ask them at a later date for their opinion if they would be willing to speak to us?

Here are the videos. Remember the two videos vary in both content, people and opinion.

Carchar Caernarfon (Cymraeg)

Caernarfon's Prison (English)




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