1 April 2010


Government may force Caernarfon to make a U turn

At long last public opinion may have forced the hand of the Government to jump in and rescue Caernarfon from collapse. Yet another group has been set up by April Jones of Caer Saint.
She has taken the bull by the horns and told us she was "fed up with nothing being done in town". Caernarfon has become a talking shop and warned members that action is what's needed. We are just typical Cofis who love our town and lived here all our lives."
She went on to say, "Instead of empty promises of this and that, we have decided to work quietly with the Government before we went public".

Her group has therefore been working behind the scenes for many months so to start with results instead of dreams. They wrote to the Government directly and told them that the Assembly had wasted millions on trying to put Caernarfon on the map all to no avail!

She told Caernarfon Online that her new group had lobbied major politicians to get their message across. She explained. " I and many others are fed up to the back teeth of seeing the same old, same old people in the press complaining about this that and the other. Any fool can go to the paper, it takes ingenuity and hard work to get the job done. Talk is so cheap!"

She went on to say, "Caernarfon has many issues and our group have concentrated on just some of them.

"The Maes should be renamed The Mess, because that's exactly what it is.
I remember a time when the Maes was the focal point of the town, Today it resembles a cemetery with all the slates on the road. It has lost its appeal since the buses stopped dropping off there.
These days the busses stop at Pool Side and that place simply doesn't have the character for people to  meet up and gossip like the Maes used to have."

"Added to this we now have a one way system which makes it more difficult to get to town. Instead of allowing us direct access down Bangor Street, it now tries to by pass the town completely. "

"Having eventually arrived in town, what do we find? Well we find that we have nowhere to park! This is nonsense as no one will shop in town because of the outrageous price to park your vehicle.!"  

April went on to say "We have a major road that cuts the town in two and diverts traffic and customers away from town, Is it any wonder that people choose to shop elsewhere?
Added to this we have to explain to visitors that we don't have a rail link despite Caernarfon claiming to be a major tourist town!!!"

"Our solution is simple, we have asked the Government to rule over the Assembly's spending and to lock into Europe's money pots to give the town a 20million improvement grant."

"We had to from an acceptable business plan and we put our heads together and came up with the following formula to get Caernarfon back on it's feet. We think its simple and the Government agree. This is what we suggested:"

1. To open the town up for traffic again, by removing the one way system on Bangor Street to allow traffic into the Maes as it used to do.

2. To remove the bus terminal from Pool side and re house somewhere more suitable. We have suggested using the open space which is now used as a carpark in the centre of town (where it used to be).

3. To remove the inner relief road and replace by re-opening Pool Street for traffic once more. This would mean that we would then have to remove the old fountain at the top of Pool Street and find a convenient place for it once again. We have suggested placing it on the new open plan carpark in the centre of town (where it uesd to be).

4. Having opened Pool Street for traffic once more, we have suggested that to help traffic flow we should have a roundabout installed at the bottom of Pool Street to join Bridge street. (I believe we used to have one there before).

5. Parking problems to be eased by removing the ugly carpark at Pool Side and making it a normal carpark (like it used to be).

6. Build a new Railway Station in Caernarfon which would allow trains and customers back into Caernarfon from all over the country. (like we used to have).

These are just some of the plans we have put forward and the Government has agreed that all of it seems like a brilliant idea and is now considering putting the funding in place to implement all the work.

April Jones' new group is called April's foolproof plan 4 Caernarfon. We at Caernarfon Online wish her all the best and hope that some of her wishes come true.



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