15 June 2010



Gwynedd Council’s Final Accounts 2009/10

With public services throughout the country facing significant financial challenges over the coming years, a report by the Head of Finance to the Gwynedd Council’s Board shows that the Council has been acting frugally during 2009/10.

The report considered by the Gwynedd Council Board on Tuesday, 15 June shows that despite some unavoidable spending on matters such as school pupils with special educational requirements, adults with learning difficulties, refuse and recycling collections, the Council’s firm and balanced financial management means that spending in all Council Departments is under control.

Councillor Dylan Edwards, Gwynedd Council’s Finance Portfolio Leader said:

“The extent of the financial challenge facing councils throughout the country shows that we must all work hard to find savings wherever possible. This report on the Council’s accounts for 2009/10 clearly underlines the fact that Gwynedd is making every effort to ensure that the county’s residents get the value for money that they deserve.

“Indeed, the figures for 2009/10 show that Gwynedd Council’s financial situation has been tightened generally, with the total spending of all Council Departments managed to within 0.2% of the budget.”

Councillor Dyfed Edwards, Gwynedd Council Leader added:

“It is very pleasing to see that our tight financial control of corporate budgets means that the Council has been able to give £500,000 back into the general balances. This is a sound strategy as we know that it is very likely that we will be facing very tough financial prospects in the years to come.

“In accordance with our reputation for sound financial management, the Council has already been preparing for a reduction in the grant we will be receiving from the Assembly Government during the coming years. Good progress is being made towards reaching our £16 million savings target for the coming three years with the majority of this sum to be delivered by working more efficiently, that is doing the same with less.”

Further information regarding the Council’s Financial Strategy for 2010/11 to 2012/13 will be presented to Council members in July, to consider how much more savings will need to be found over this period.




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