8 June 2010


From the good people of Church Street Caernarfon

Last year, the people from Church Street, Market St, High Street and the two local blocks of retirement flats came out into the street to meet their neighbours and share a ‘Big Lunch’ together.  It was fantastic!   We all brought food and drink to share and sat in the sun enjoying the great company.  We actually got to spend time with neighbours who most of the year we just say ‘Hello’ to. Older people came out and chatted to the children who played happily all the afternoon. Nearly four hours was passed talking, laughing, singing and simply just passing round the good of the human spirit and we were all reluctant to go home.

As well as decorations and balloons we had a ‘Community Wishing Line’ where we pegged out our wishes to our community and an Art board for people to draw on which was crowded with kids all the time and it left us some fantastic memories – We still have it! We don’t want to let it disappear! It’s great.

Everyone had a fabulous time and some wanted to have regular lunches arranged.  Now here we are again having another ‘Big Lunch’ together in 2010.  We can’t wait! (18th July)

The Big Lunches were started by ‘The Eden Project’ in Cornwall to help build a community sprit back into this wonderful nation of ours.

Join in.  Organise a Big Lunch in your street, park, anywhere all the neighbours can get together.   Follow the link and it will guide you through it.




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