17 June 2010


Mr Richard Glyn Evans MBE

It is with great sadness that we say our last farewell to the former leader of the Civic Society, Mr Glyn Evans MBE. Glyn was well known in town for his involvement with the Caernarfon Civic Society. His heart and soul revolved around the town's heritage and colourful history.

Glyn approached Caernarfon Online back in 2001 and asked if we were able to include the book "Features of a Royal Town" on the Caernarfon website. The book included much of his best work on Caernarfon and he was instrumental in getting it published to celebrate the Millennium in 2000.

The work took nearly 8 months to produce but nevertheless, Caernarfon Online was very pleased to be able to include the whole book online free of charge for the Civic Society.
It remained online for many years and proved to be immensely popular with our visitors.
Unfortunately we were unable to fund the project indefinitely due to local politics when sponsorship from the Royal Town Council was cut.

It was indeed a sad day for both Glyn and myself, that support was no longer available. In a phone conversation with Glyn, we both agreed it was very regrettable loss to the town.
A few years later we were in discussions with the new Chair of the Civic Society but nothing materialised. The Internet version of the book has been in "mothballs" ever since.

Features in a Royal Town

Glyn was instrumental in ensuring the town had a lasting tribute through the book which was never sold to make a profit due to grant rules.

The book included many different articles and photos on Caernarfon, including, Sir Huw Owen, Lloyd George and Llewelyn Turner to name but a few. It also had the history of the Mayors chain and names of the mayors throughout the years.

Glyn Evans unveils the memorial to Llewelyn Tuner
with the then Mayor Myfi Powel Jones

The last video footage we have of the great man is included below, when he was able to unveil the historical plaque for Llewelyn Turner on the Maes back in December 2008. The plaque was his brainchild when he secured the funds to make the brass plaque back in 2003.


Glyn leaves behind a wife, Olwen, and daughter Ruth and son Nigel, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, Caernarfon Online sends them our deepest sympathy in what is a very sad time.



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