26 June 2010



The Real Karate Kids

With the new Karate Kid movie about to hit the screens in the UK, Caernarfon karateka showed  everyone how good they are as they took part in an Interclub tournament at Ysgol Yr Hendre in Caernarfon.

Kata is a system of moves practiced by students to show how much they understand their art as they fight imaginary opponents. Kata has been used in Karate for hundreds of years, so that the student can practice without the need of an opponent. The more skillful the student becomes, the better their Kata.

The winner of this quarter's competition was Alishia Donahue of Caernarfon who took the converted Sensei Cup and gold Zanshin Star for her efforts. Alishia in fairly new to karate yet showed incredible composure to take the title despite some very high graded opponents.
As Kata is non contact, the balance of fairness is equal and allows lower grades a chance against higher and more experienced students.

Second Place was given to Adam Edwards, third to Ffion Bee and Fourth to the former winner Andrew Ford.

Sensei Gareth Edwards who was one of the judges and Head Instructor for North Wales UKASKO was very pleased with the high standards shown.

The local students train at two venues in Caernarfon.

Ysgol Yr Hendre on Tuesday 6.30pm - 8pm and Friday 6pm - 7.30pm

Ysgol Maesincla on Monday 6pm - 7.30pm

Chief Instructor Sensei Edwards told CaernarfonOnline, "The lessons are of 11/2 hours, consisting of  a 30mins warm up and a full hour of karate. The clubs do not charge expensive direct debit fees or tie the students down to long contracts, all you pay is 3.50 for children per or 4.00 for adults. The clubs have recently gained numerous students from local clubs who are apparently charging 50 - 60 per month. The easy method of "Pay As You Train" lessons are much preferred by many who think tying themselves down to long contacts and direct debits is a much fairer system to enjoy training in the Martial Arts. Zanshin encourage anyone who currently pay 50 or 60 per month to re evaluate what they are paying and give our club a visit. Your first lesson is free and it allows you to asses what our standard is like. We pride ourselves on keeping a very high standard and incredible value for money. Give us a visit - you'll be glad you did, it will cost you nothing and if you don't like what you see then you can always go back to your old club. But betting is, once you train with us, you will want to stay. Give us a call today on 01286 676166 or turn up on any evening for your free no obligation lesson, What do you have to lose?"

Check out their website on www.ZanshinKarate.co.uk



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