26 August 2012



Adult Karate classes for fitness

Now that some of us have piled on the pounds this summer, why not take up some active sports at The New Ysgol Yr Hendre? Caernarfon Karate have started classes for adults only. These sessions follow the usuall classes on Friday Nights. 7.30pm -9pm

Many of the parents have decided to train whilst their kids stay behind and socialise with their friends and interact with fun and games.

The training facilities at the new school are amazing, and are well on par if not better than full time establishments and leisure facilities.

You can start your classes free of charge so that you can see what it entails.

One of the students from the Caernarfon club told us. "This is by far the best thing I have done in a long while. The training is magnificent and all the adults join in and help each one another. We all felt a little apprehensive at the start, but we quickly settled in and now look forward to our next lesson with great enthusiasm."

Christine Taylor from Caernarfon said "At first I thought I am never going to enjoy this and did it only to have a common interest with my son. But after a little bit of coaxing from the other adult members, I am now really keen and love the training and the atmosphere. The other students have been great and there is a great family feel at the club. We have arranged a trip to Old Trafford on Sunday and many of the students and parents are looking forward to a fun day out. I now look forward to my lessons every week and have seen a big improvement in my techniques.

Take a look at the videos below for an example of what's on offer at Ysgol yr Hendre, you will be amazed that this is all going on in a small town like Caernarfon. Give them a call today for more information. 01286 676166 of check out their website and Facebook page.

www.CaernarfonKarate.co.uk   |   www.facebook.com/ZanshinKarateCymru

(See some of our adults train in the first video)






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