6th Oct  2012


Residents up in arms with illegal parking

Town council arrange a meeting with Gwynedd Officers to try and help concerns of local residents.

The Town Clerk wrote to Gwynedd on behalf of the Town Council to arrange a meeting at Pool Street this week.

The residents of Pool Lane have complained again and again about illegal parking and the blocking of the street for emergency vehicles.

Every day cars and delivery vehicles block the street and prevent entry and exists from the residential area. Complaints have been made to Gwynedd council as well as the Police with one body blaming the other about the problem.

Residents in the street (who wish to remain anonymous) told us. time and time again they are met with confrontations on the street, with their livelihoods threatened as they are unable to get to work on time. They went on to say when they phone the police, they take ages to arrive and then tell us it's a council matter, When we contact the council, no one ever turns up and they advise us to call the police. Residents have complained to police and council on numerous occasions to try to open up the street for access.

Gwynedd Vice Chair Huw Edwards cannot understand how a simple soluion has taken so long to put in place.

Gwynedd Councillor's Tudur Owen (the current Mayor) and Roy Owen (the current deputy Mayor) met with council officers recently with a local resident and were promised that a bench would be removed to allow access and signage would be put in place to stop illegal parking. A few weeks later am unselected council officer overruled the decision and told the councillors that he would be writing to the businesses concerned informing them not to block the entrance.

Since the meeting the situation has not improved, with the street still being blocked on a daily basis. Gwynedd council have even allowed a gazebo to be put up in the narrow opening to sell cakes for charity!

This week however, members of the Town council including the Deputy Mayor and Town Clerk met with officials from Gwynedd to see what could be done to help local residents.

It was agreed that a bench and bin would now be removed to try and alleviate problem, with more discussion on installing correct signage on the area. Councillor Ann Hopcyn went that bit further and proposed that the signs at the bottom of Pool Street stated that it allowed LOADING only and therefore there should be no UNLOADING.  The officer agreed and also agreed that something had to be done to help the residents.

Gwynedd Vice Chairman Huw Edwards was disappointed at the time it had taken to sort out what he regarded as a simple solution and sympathised with the residents that they had to endure this on a daily basis.

Huw said " I cannot see what the problem is in removing these benches and enforcing an order that makes the shops deliver through the back entrances, which is the norm."

Delivery vehicles block acces to residents and emergency vehicles

Deputy Mayor Roy Owen said "I am amazed that council officers can decide on such matters when their work when residents complain, surely they should concentrate on the well being of local residents? I have wasted so much of my time on this going back and forth with nothing being done. Gwynedd council should sort this out once and for all, as it is effecting the lives of local people."

Town councillor Hywel Roberts could not understand how the system worked and was told that the residents had a permit which allowed them access to the street over the restrictions and the problem was not just illegal blocking of the street, but the fact that by Gwynedd placing a bench and a bin on the same tight entrance made it impossible for cars to access or leave the street when vehicles were illegally parked.

Present at the meeting with the Gwynedd officer were Deputy Mayor Roy Owen Gwynedd and Town councillor, Vice Gwynedd Chairman and Town councillor Huw Edwards, Town Clerk Katherine Owen, town councillors Will Davies, Ann Hopcyn, Glyn Thomas and Hywel Roberts.

Pool Lane totally blocked by illegal parking



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