Westlife at the Faenol Friday 25th August 2006

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The Irish lads took North Wales by storm! As the crowd waited for 9pm the wait was certainly worth it as Westlife gave us all a show to remember. The pyrotechnics and after-show fireworks (as good as they were) could not compete with the Westlife boys. Hit after hit they had the crowd in the palms of their hands from the first note!

Over 12,000 people turned up to unquestionably Faenol's biggest ever crowd. If you didn't have a ticket, then you missed out big time. Once again the rain threatened to dampen the show  but it held out until the last two songs when. by then no one cared anyway!

Westlife gave us all what we wanted from 'Flying Without Wings' to Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl' The boys had hit after hit to chose from with 13 No1 singles!

A brilliant Michael Jackson medley including the trilby a white glove act had the crowd rocking in the aisles. It such a shame that security has to be so harsh on the night as the crowd just wanted to stand up and dance. A rethink has to be made to allow kids to dance and enjoy themselves.

Addicted to Love was well received with silhouettes of dancing girls shown on large red screens behind the lads.

Even Justin Timberlake fans were not left out as they were encouraged to join in with 'Senorita' and followed it up by Pussy Cats dolls 'Doncha' obviously with a slight variation of Doncha wish your boyfriend!!!!

Their Christmas No 1 Seasons in the Sun was enjoyed by all ages as we saw big men singing along, no doubt remembering the song first time round in the 70's?

Barry Manilow's Mandy was belted out to the delight of everyone

Mark was made fun of because of his dancing, he must have mis-stepped or something but I don't think anyone noticed until the rest of the lads pointed it out - poor Mark!

This little girl got her wish as she stole a quick snap of her idols at the front. Her smile tells it all as she eagerly snapped away.

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