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Van Morrison 
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Alison Moyet

We first heard of Alison as part of a duet with Vince Clark in an outfit called Yazoo, they had massive hits with 'Only you', Don't go' and 'The Other Side of Love'.

Since going it alone Alf as she is affectionately known has had a string of hits such as, Ole Devil Called Love, 'Love Ressurection' and 'All Cried Out'

Alison's new album 'Voice' is released on 6th September 2005

At the Faynol she sang loads of new material such as

'La Chanson Des Vieux Amants, 'Windmills Of Your Mind' and 'Almost Blue' she was also very pleased to be able to squeeze in the classic 'Ole Devil Called Love' near the end of her slot.


Van Morrison

Van Morrison was born in Belfast yet started his singing career in New York, moving on to Boston and California producing LP's such as 'Blowin' Your Mind' and It's 'Too Late To Stop Now', he later moved back to Ireland and recorded 'A Period of Transition'.

More recently he has had hits like 'How Long Has This Been Going On?', 'Days Like This' and Precious Time.

At the Faynol Van played hits like 'Days Like this', 'Jackie Wilson Said' and 'Back on Top'.


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