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Caernarfon - Land of the Cofis!

Welcome to a brand new website dedicated to the land of the Cofis.
This site will grow into a wonderful site, showing wonderful Cofis past and present.
You - our visitors will be able to add to the site by sending in your photos and stories of the town's people and characters. All you need to do is send us your photos with description/details and we will add them to our pages.
This will grow into a comprehensive look at who lives or lived in our wonderful town.

Lloyd George - Is he the most famous Cofi ever? - Surely Not? He wasn't even from town was he?

Rules and regulations

Who can appear on these pages and who can't?

Well, to make things easy, we have decided to do away with the age old rule that the only true Cofis are born within the Castle Walls!
If this was the criteria, then it would be a very small website indeed.
How many Coifs are born within the town walls these days?

For many years most "Cofis" are born in Bangor, be it Ysbyty Gwynedd or the old St David's hospital.
Some of us can of course, still claim to have been born in Caernarfon itself, (yours truly for example) but that does not make one more of a Cofi does it?

To be eligible to be included on the Cofis website, a person must have lived or worked in Caernarfon for a number of years. They don't have to be legends, they don't have to be old, all we ask is that everyone is over 18 years of age and are considered as "Cofis" in some way or form.

For example, "Bertorelli" and "Syr Ifor" must be included on our pages as much as "Dick" or "Mons".

I hope you all understand this, as we do not want to get into a big argument about who should be included and who shouldn't.

Obviously some colourful characters are only attributed to "certain villages" and in this instance, they cannot possibly be considered as "Cofis" (as their connection with the town would be limited).

So where do we start?

Well, simply by including some great photos of people from the town ourselves. Some of which we don't have names for and some we don't have full names for. I'm sure you guys will help us out by sending more information in to us. Check out the Alphabet at the top of the page to find some great photos. Beware, some will be listed by their first names and some by their nicknames. Hopefully, this will be part of the fun of exploring the website.

Oh and one more thing, we don't wish to offend anyone, so if one of our photos offends you then please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

 Here are our two new Sub-Editors - Dilys and Dafydd Jones (Cofi's Dre)

Dilys Jones (Dilys Cross) of Cae Mur has been collecting photos of Cofis for a number of years and we are very proud to have her on board as one of our editors. Both she and her husband Dafydd (Esso) have very fond memories of Caernarfon and have many a tale to tell. Dilys has kindly loaned us loads of photos and We hope you enjoy searching our pages for Cofi Characters, Hey, and remember, if your favourite character isn't included and you have a photo, then send it in to use here at  

I hope you enjoy surfing our new website and send in your "Cofi" photos,

Gareth Edwards (Chief Editor)

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