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 Caernarfon Online / Gwydion Historical Pages

Caernarfon Online is pleased to welcome Gwydion Heritage to our pages. This part or our site will continue to grow over the years to include interesting facts about our town.  Gwydion and Caernarfon Online supply these pages free of charge for locals and visitors alike to use as a reference guide to our heritage. We hope you enjoy reading the site (please note that Gwydion has copyright on the content within these pages and their permission must be obtained for any reproduction).

Treftadaeth Gwydion Heritage, our aims and objectives

To promote history, by informing the public through designed exhibitions and information boards to be displayed in exhibition galleries and shop windows.

This has been done since the year 2000 on a Non Profit basis by Gwydion Heritage, involving professional people involved in Education, Heritage, Media and Commerce.

Our aims and objectives are to promote local history via bilingual exhibition boards, models and visual aids. We also find great value in informing the public by demonstrating timelines of history through these aids in shopping areas, adding to their shopping experience.

Our other aim is to bring on younger people within the group and to facilitate interaction between generations. The idea being to pass on knowledge and skills within the group to protect and safeguard our heritage for the future.

The group is led by Mr. K F Banholzer, historian and heritage artist, who has published several coloured guide booklets of the history and heritage of Caernarfon, both within the old walls and the environs outside the walls, and was also instrumental in compiling a DVD with his illustrations of Old Caernarfon. He is quoted as saying that both Caernarfon’s and districts place in history is unique as is spans two thousand years of development under the might of Imperial Rome, Norman and Medieval, Tudor and Georgian times, all still available for the interested researcher, reader and tourist to explore. Caernarfon is also the centre for the administration of Gwynedd, this area of North Wales and gains from having within the Royal Town an excellent archive service for researching of information of both the present and past history of the area. 



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