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Victoria Dock Maritime Exhibition

Doc Fictoria Exhibition 2009

Treftadaeth Gwydion Heritage showed residents and visitors to Caernarfon that the town had more to offer than just being a castle town, when it displayed a bilingual exhibition about the history of the Victoria Dock in conjunction with Celtica, a retail outlet within the Doc Fictoria complex.

The display consisted of artifacts, pictures and historical documents representing the changes in culture from the Roman era to the present day. They were strategically placed in the window space, 24ft long x 10ft in height next to the book section of the store.

The display could be seen from inside and outside detailing with:

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The free exhibition detailed the history of the Victoria Dock, Particular attention was given to the building of the dock and the laying of the foundation stone way back in November 1868 by the Mayor at the time, Llewelyn Turner (later to be made Sir).

The exhibition included an 8ft panoramic impression of the1860 proposed dock development and the launch of the 1866 Caernarfon-Llanddwyn lifeboat and the history of the dock mortuary.

It also featured a timeline which depicted the Celtic legacy of our distant ancestors and peered into the town’s imperial role as the furthest western outpost of the Roman Empire.

The exhibition was held from April to August 2009 and was a huge success. It gave local shoppers and visitors the chance to learn about the history of the area, on the very spot where they were shopping.

People came in and commented on how informative it was and that there was so much more about the town that they were not aware of. We are delighted to be able to show people more about their own history.

The presentation came almost ten years after Treftadaeth Gwydion Heritage staged an exhibition in Christchurch, Caernarfon, to mark the Millennium. A previous exhibition was also held at Oriel Pendeitch, Caernarfon.


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