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Liberty X

It’s seems like an instant since Liberty X appeared on the scene…. But in that instant they’ve travelled across Europe, Australia and America, lost a lawsuit, changed their name, performed at no.1 on Top of The Pops, gone mental at winning their first Brit, been presented with double platinum discs for debut album ‘Thinking It Over’, spent 10 months constantly in the top 50 airplay chart and had hoax calls from Richard Branson on CD:UK

Liberty X took the stage by storm and the Welsh crowd were certainly big fans.

Since there quick rise to stardom following their TV win, they rolled off hit after hit to the frenzy of the crowd.

Including 'Gotta have your love', 'Thinking it over', 'Being Nobody', 'Just a Little' and 'Jumpin'.

Liberty X -  Jessica, Kevin, Kelli,Tony and Michelle





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