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Emma Bunton 
Liberty X 
Matt Goss 
Bill Wyman 



Born and raised in Berkshire with her younger brother       of 80’s icon Billy Ocean, citing him as one of the     this sounds silly, but to me he was just my dad, it                                             music and realise just         He really did make some amazing songs. Even
     ’hasn't been keen to use her father’s name to help and yes my dad was a successful artist in the music


and sister, 22 -year-old Cherie is the proud daughter biggest influences in her life. “When I was younger, was only as I got older that I started to appreciate his how successful he had been.
though she is clearly a chip off the old block, she  her make it. ‘I’ve worked hard to get where I am now industry been nothing but supportive.





She sang 'Round in Circles' and her new single called simply 'No 1'


Andy Scott Lee

Andy is originally from Bodelwyddan in North Wales.    is Lisa Scott-Lee of Steps fame and his girlfriend is          had some success along with his older brother              3SL (guess what SL stands for!), which was

His celebrity connections are well known. His sister Michelle Heaton of Liberty X. Prior to Pop Idol Andy Steve and younger borhter Anthony in the boy band managed by Lisa.






He sang the Stevie Wonder hit 'Superstisticious', and

his new single 'To Die for'.


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