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Emma Bunton 
Liberty X 
Matt Goss 
Bill Wyman 



       We've all heard of Girls Aloud. They're the all-girl
   But now, following in the footsteps of Liberty X, who
 Clea have embarked on the road to fame and fortune.
 their four vital individual components; Chloe, Lindsey,
 years (2003) Pop Stars:The Rivals, whilst co-habiting
   might scoff, but for the girls, one of whom had never
     for them to showcase their talents in the only way
        Here we are seven months later, with something

group that won Pop Stars the Rivals.
found fame despite finishing second to Hear'Say,
Named collectively after the first letter of each of
Emma and Aimee aka Clea, met and bonded at last
during the shows latter stages. OK…so some of you
even auditioned for anything before, it was a chance
they knew, and intrinsically it has paid off…
special building in our midst. 



    They sang 'Downloaded', 'Pretty little bad girls' and

 'Stuck in the middle'


Hypno Psycho

London-based punk four-piece Hypo Psycho comprise American lead singer Mikey Koltes, bassist Gary ‘Kill’ Kilminster, drummer Jonny South and guitarist Mills(y)
They took the Welsh crowd by storm with their flamboyant over the top jumping and thrashing, a lively group of lads who enjoyed what they did as much as the audience.

They sang 'Don't try this at home' and 'Public enemy

No 1' (which they certainly were not!)


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