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Bert  spent most of his last years sitting outside his home in Bank Quay (Next door to R and I Jones Wholesaler's) This photo shows him in that same sport. Always had time for a chat with passers by.


Before ran Caernarfon's most famous ice cream and sweet shop on Castle Square. He used to have a big handlebar moustache. Before's shop was the centrepiece of Castle Square when the buses used to stop on the Maes. Shame on whoever decided to remove the buses from the Maes. This was the beginning of the end for our businesses, forget about all the other  excuses.

Billy Bach


Blanche Roberts

Blanche is remembered just as she is in this photo. Everyone knew Blanche and her large family lives on in Caernarfon.


Here's another one from the "Blanche" clan but as they all look the same (LOL) we are not sure which one. Can any of you Cofis give us his name? We think it's Brian.

Bob New York

Bob "New York" Don't know if he'e ever been there but a Cofi Dre all the way. Man Utd never had a bigger fan! Bet he was pleased whe the Yanks bought them!

Bobby Rowe

Bobby Rowe is well known on the Cadnant ward and trained many a youngster to play football with Cae Glyn JFC.

Brian Carter

Former Mayor, councillor and businessman in Caernarfon. Brian used to run the Carter's shop in Palace Street.

Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas (Bohana) has been working at Caernarfon Castle for years and years and years and....

Bryn Hughes

Hello, Just seen the web site and thought I would drop you a line and also a picture,My name is Bryn Hughes and I lived in Victoria Road for 22 yrs I'm the son of Merfyn Hughes(Plumber) or locsyn as we call him, I moved to Bangor when I married and have lived there now for 22 yrs. Since 1999 I have been a Bangor City councilor and was Mayor of the City in 2004, I was also an Instructor with the Army Cadets, and was Detachment commander of the Caernarfon Detachment for a Number of Years.

Whilst looking through your photos it has brought back so many memories growing up in the Town, remembering the likes of Dick Parry, Sir Ivor and Bertorelli, also marching through the Town on many occasions with the Corp of Drums also remembering Captain Millington teaching us in the old Drill Hall (no pictures of the drill hall). Climbing up on the wall trying to look in through the windows at the party's that used to be held there.

Happy Happy Days

Best wishes with the site, come on Cofis get your pics sent in and lets see how you all have changed. Bryn.

Bryn Jones (Nerves) AKA Freddie Mercury

Bryn (Nerves) is known as a big Freddie Mercury fan and has played the part on numerous charity nights. Cofi's have had a show they never forget and it's a shame he can't sing like the great man otherwise Stars In Their Eyes would have a new talent.



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