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Eddie Rawles

Eddie Rawles (Sausage Rolls) who was born in the now demolshed houses which were attached to the Eagle Tower (Opposite the Lee Ho) Has been living in Wellington NZ for nearly 50 years.



Edgar used to run the Royal Hotel in Caernarfon.



Elwyn Roberts

Hi I have just found this wonderful web site and went through all the alphabet and realised that I knew most of the cofi's as I was brought up with them

My name is Elwyn Owen Roberts I was born May 17 1952 at 38 Margaret st moved to Maesincla then to 17 William St. I had 7 brothers and sisters so moved to 10 Llanberis Rd. My mothers name is Evelyn Roberts and my Father is Will Pentra Felin, I worked at Roberts the Butcher's on  Bridge St opp the old Nelson store which later burnt down.

 Sending you a photo of me now, hoping to qualify as a cofi dre, I now live in Morocco.

Editor: Hi Elwyn, Of course you qualify as a Cofi, you may be able to take the man out of Caernarfon, but you certainly can't take the Cofi out of him!


Ernie Walley

One of the town's famous football son's. Played for Spurs and Middlesborough before taking on Caretaker Manager at Crystal Palace and Assitant Manager at Chelsea. Erine's photo was sent to us by Ed Miller of Many thanks goes to him for his help.


Eric Davies loves the town's talent night's and to be fair has a decent voice so why not?

Eurwyn Davies (Adopted Cofi - Not born in town)

Hi my name is Carys and Eurwyn known as "scoins" was my uncle.

Eurwyn was born in Rhosgadfan one of of eight children to Mr and Mrs William Davies Fronddu Rhosgadfan. Eurwyn was a great character and  a practical joker. One Saturday night in the Mountain Rangers Club he asked me what I wanted to drink,I said  a vodka and lemonade, he passed the drink over to me and unknown to me he had asked the barman to put water in my glass instead of vodka and there he was watching me take my first sip he was in his element. Eventually I did have a vodka off him and that was the last drink I ever received.We as a family still miss him so much.    


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