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Lawrence Bohana

My name is Lawrence Bohana born in Maes Barcer in 1940, attended ysgol Rad and Segontium.  After school I worked at the Seiont Brickworks Thomas & Owen Corona works and left 'dre' at seventeen-half to join the Royal Welch Fusiliers.  Served for 35years on active service retiring as a major in 1991.  After a spell of doing charity work I returned to the MoD as a civilian.  My marching boots were hung up for good in 2004 where upon I embarked on the lifestyle of a golden-oldie.  By 2006 having moved, shortened, lengthened and painted every shelf in the house I had become thoroughly bored.  In 2007 I applied to do a Masters Degree at Birmingham University and upon completing the entrance exam, interview boards (for the uni a check of my financial status)  I was accepted.  My specialist subject was The Great War 1914-18.  Graduation was in Dec 2009 and I passed with a 2:1.  Presently I am on the Wiltshire speakers circuit and do talks/lectures to various organisations.  My spare time is taken up on a novel that I am writing about the war, about half-way through it, will probably take another twelve months or so to complete.

Lawrence Jones

Lawrence has been Mace Bearer for the Council for a number of years.



Lovell (Joe)


Lovell (Julie)


Lovell (Liz)


Louie "Continental"

How many of you remember the Continental Bar in Caernarfon?



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