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Dafydd Roson Thomas

For many years Dafydd had his printers established at the Goleuad Building in  Victoria Dock, he was later relocated to Skinner Street in Caernarfon. He is the current caretaker of the Institute building.

David Ellis


This cheery fellow is David Ellis, born Pendalar, Ysgubor Goch, Caernarfon, Plasterer by trade, Salmon fisherman by heart! Claims to be the first born on Ysgubor Goch estate. Unless you can prove him wrong.

Dick Parry

Dick Parry is one of Caernarfon's best loved characters. His "camp" voice could light up a room and he was a regular at Caernarfon's cafe bar's. Dick was an entertainer and showman and as well as being well known in town, Dick has collected hundreds and thousands of pounds for charities. "He used to stick a badge on your chest and demand payment, so loved was he in town that people rarely refused". One who should have certainly been honoured for all his charity work. (Not too late for an MBE perhaps?)

Dick Parry (Cachu Iar)

Dick Cachu Iar well known in town with well known sons. Gerald a town councillor and Coj (Gareth) of C & I Caernarfon. Cofis dre all the way!

Doris May Thomas

Here is a striking photo of the late Mrs Doris May Thomas (Nee Beech) or 18 North Penrallt, she passed away 16th November 1946 aged only 31, she was the mother of Julia and Dilys Cross.

"DONGO" or John "Aberdovey"

Dongo is one of the "Aberdovey" clan and makes up for his lack of height with a big personality. You always know when Dongo is in the house!


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