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Jack Bohana

Jack Bohana started the successful Scaffolding company his sons now run. A big man with abig heart.

Jack Docherty


Jack (Vanwil) Williams

Jack was a well known businesssman and husband to Mair who is a former twice Mayor of Caernarfon. Jack ran a family business called Vanwil Oil Company which supplied fuel to businesses, homes and farms in Gwynedd and Anglesey.

James Edwards


Jeff Davies (Camal)

Jeff Davies of Lon Arfon is a well known Cofi and Man United fan

Jimmy Edwards

Jimmy Edwards is always fighting for what's best for Caernarfon Town FC but he looks as if he has bitten off more than he could chew in this pic (taken in Vegas). He is with none other than professional boxer Enzo Maccarinelli.  
(Jimmy is on the left of the pic by the way!)

Jim Rowlands

Jim is the Chair of the Ex Serviceman's Caernarfon branch

John Glo

This is a typical photo fo John (Glo) and it is exactly how everyone knows him.

John Owen

John's grand child sent us this pic and tells us "John is the original founder of the "F WORD" long before Gordon Ramsey!!! He loves the sea and indeed owns a boat but tells me he cant swim!! "

John Williams (Carpedi)

John " Carpedi" used to run his carpeting business from Place Street in Caernarfon. A successful and friendly businessman for many years

Joyce and Moi


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